CAMEO for Consumer

ProfilingGeo-demographic insight is powerful information for consumers. It is useful for a consumer to assess an area or to evaluate how they, as an individual or household, compare to the UK average.

Key uses of CAMEO for Consumer:

Number 1


Area Assessment – Consumers moving to a new area, considering re-locating or even just booking a holiday will be keen to understand the make-up of the local area. CAMEO can help answer their key questions:

  • What are the demographics and key characteristics: age, income, risk, household type, occupation, unemployment and deprivation levels?
  • Where are the best neighbourhoods or streets in the area, according to their key dimensions?
  • What are the property prices, council tax bands in the area and how do they vary at a street or household level?


Number 2

Individual Insight – A person’s geo-demographic details are used by many companies to make an assessment of the individual in terms of their risk, affluence or likely product preference. Consumers are now demanding more openness and wish to view this information and understand how it affects them and their product choices. For example, a consumer’s CAMEO code may affect:

  • Choice of credit products and rates available
  • Choice of insurance providers and the price of premium
  • Offers, creative and channel of marketing they receive
  • Selection for certain regulatory initiatives e.g. Green Deal
  • Some companies are starting to share this information, including CAMEO details, with discernible consumers as part of a credit report or an Individual Insight report. Examples include Check My File, CRA, 192.COM.
Number 3 Pinpointing consumer types
  • Birds of feather flock together. People like birds, like to associate with similar types of consumers. CAMEO can help consumers find the hot spots for people like them, whether it be the city centre young single/student areas or leafy family suburbs or quieter retired villages.
  • CAMEO is used by the Media to locate key consumer types and produce articles of public interest – articles on hotspots for singles, eligible bachelors, Millionaires etc
Number 4
Evaluating Area Changes – demographic shifts and changes that might be useful to consumers - changes in property prices, affluence, unemployment, risk levels and age profile. For example, where are the newly gentrified areas?


Benefits at a glance

  • Improves neighbourhood, area or regional insight
  • Provides comparisons to UK national average
  • Enables Individual, Household or Postcode assessment
  • Unbiased evaluation (based on Census and other national statistics)
  • Shows transparent evaluation to discernible consumers

Key applications

  • Neighbourhood Insight for property portals
  • Inclusion in credit, risk and individual insight reports
  • Pinpoint ‘hot spots’ of consumer types e.g. eligible bachelors!
  • Track area changes in property prices and other demographic indicators


Example 192.COM Profile

Demographic Area Profile Cameo Summary (1)

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