No other consumer classification has such a wide international coverage. CAMEO covers 35 countries, each with a country specific segmentation and a universal International CAMEO code. This helps you link your classification strategy across borders, enabling a truly global approach to consumer segmentation.

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Breadth of data

As well as our flagship CAMEO UK segmentation, the following products are also available: CAMEO Financial, CAMEO Income, CAMEO Property, CAMEO Public Sector, CAMEO Unemployment, CAMEO Welfare. This information enables you to understand consumers and locations from different perspectives and paints a fuller and richer picture of your customers and target markets.

Heightened usability

The CAMEO Microsite provides highly interactive and engaging insights into each CAMEO type using detailed sector specific descriptors and engaging visualisations. In addition, CAMEO is appended to the TGI Market Research panel, to provide constantly updated insights into consumer brand preferences, attitudes, behaviour and lifestyles.