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Callcredit looks to help businesses reach consumers in India

1 March 2018

Callcredit Information Group has launched CAMEO India, a new affluence segmentation solution to provide insight on consumers and help businesses to expand or launch into India.

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Data disconnect: marketers struggling to understand their customers

17 January 2018

Despite increased sophistication in how data is being collected and used, new research by Callcredit Information Group has revealed that marketers are struggling to really understand their customers’ needs and expectations.

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Lack of GDPR readiness amongst UK businesses

18 December 2017

With only six months to go to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a worrying 76% of organisations have yet to review products to ensure they are GDPR compliant, finds new research launched today by Callcredit Information Group.

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Addressvitt signs deal with Callcredit Information Group in Italy

25 September 2017

Addressvitt has announced a deal that will make use of Callcredit Information Group’s consumer segmentation service CAMEO.

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Callcredit marks coming of age with record results and new brand identity

17 July 2017

Today, Callcredit Information Group reported record results, at the same time launching a new identity designed to position the business for continued growth both in the UK and internationally.

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